American Farm Wagon. This wagon is scaled from an original turn of the century manufacturer's catalog, and is an accurate scale model of the farmer's ubiquitous prime mover. From hogs to potatoes to boxes of apples, whatever the farmer needed to take to market or the local freight station, he would haul in a wagon like this. This VectorCut model is at home on farm and country scenery (note the well-known plastic wagon kit offered by Jordan depicts a city wagon, with small front wheels designed for turning sharp urban corners and alleys). Assembly is about as complex as the Jordan wagon, fine details such as the seat and undercarriage will require miniature model making experience. Kit includes detailed, illustrated assembly and painting instructions.

$14.95 for one. Free Postage!

$24.95 for two. Free Postage!

Classic American weathervanes, set of four. Patterned after authentic antiques, these fine details are a simple way to add a lot of prototypical charm to village and farm scenes. These parts are cut from red .007" plastic film which gives you all the fine detail and thinness of photo etch, plus the flexibility of plastic. That means that a gentle bump will not bend or break this fine rooftop detail. It also means they are very simple to paint and assemble. Just bend the arms 90 degrees to the horizontal center, then insert the vane's shaft through the hole. Painting is as simple as coloring it with a blue or green sharpie for a gloss black finish. Or, to show weathered copper, spraypaint dark green, then drybrush light green and brown. No special glues or paints required. No instructions are included with this simple kit. $11.50 OUT OF STOCK

Rooftop TV Antennas, set of ten in three different styles. Beginning in the late 1940s, as TV became affordable to average Americans, TV antennas sprouted from rooftops all across America. By the Mid 50s, they dotted the skyline everywhere, from shacks and gas stations to bars and tenenements. Reception with indoor "rabbit ears" was seldom clear (what Baby Boomer doesn't remember epic struggles with those) so nearly every home in America had an antenna on the roof.

These detailed parts are based on the most common prototypes. New improved version in .01" translucent acrylic film requires no painting, but may be colored silver or grey. Use .02" wire for poles (not included). No instructions are included with this simple kit.

An essential detail for the 1950s through 80s.


Station Master's Desk and Chair kit. Look inside the windows of a busy signal tower at night, or the big bay window of a train depot, and you'll see the cluttered desk of a busy railroad official, and behind it, his swivel chair. Continue your well-crafted illusion of reality from the outside of your structure to the inside, with this precision scale desk and chair. This kit assembles into a detailed typical wooden office desk and chair, appropriate from about 1900 to today. Laser cut parts give the model crispness and finesse that cannot be matched by a soft metal casting.

For model builders with experience handling very small parts. Includes easy to understand, illustrated step-by-step instructions with assembly and painting tips.

$8.25 Free Postage!

Porch Furniture Kit. Old style furniture set includes TWO rocking chairs and THREE kitchen chairs.

The front porch is an American institution, a place to enjoy the cool evening breeze after a hot summer day of hard work, chat with friends over a glass of iced tea, or just watch the world go by. So no porch is complete without a couple of chairs like these. Grandma likes her rocker, grandpa sits on an old kitchen chair. This set of nostalgic furniture helps transform an ordinary model into a lived-in home, and will delight and astonish those who take a closer look at your work.

For experienced model builders. Includes illustrated step-by-step instructions with assembly and painting tips. Photos show 1/87 scale demonstration models, apple pie not included!

$7.50 Free Postage!

Ornamental Carpentry Assortment Set #1, "Aunt Lucy's House" 1/87 scale. Add classic American detail to porches, rooftops and eaves using trim pieces precisely replicated from real world examples. Nothing enhances a house as much as ornamental carpentry! These ultra fine detail parts are in a class by themselves, and cannot be compared to plastic or cast metal trim parts which tend to be overscale and simplified. These unique details are a simple enhancement that really pays off in charm and eye appeal.

Set includes enough for a standard one family dwelling, as follows:

80 scale feet of multi purpose Running Trim. 0.09" width

80 scale feet of Verge Boards, which will add decorative trim to eaves. 0.09" width

80 scale feet of Spandrels which trim the underside of porch roofs and eaves. 0.09" width.

24 Post Brackets in left/right side format for porch posts. Brackets measure 0.2" x 0.15" and can be used in landscape or portrait format.

12 Post Face Brackets (supplied as halves to be glued back to back for proper scale thickness). Post Face Brackets measure 0.25" x 0.05" and should be used in portrait format.

53 Scale feet of porch railing Balusters, 0.35" height.

More than enough material to transform an ordinary house model into an extraordinary one. The demo model shows the porch of Walther's "Aunt Lucy's House" (a 1/87 scale plastic model kit) enanced with some parts from this set. Additional photos can be seen in the Gallery section of this website.

$14.75 Free Postage!

When seen in photos, this model is often mistaken for a full size house! Also see our screen doors, flowers, door mats and furniture sets for more great porch detail!

Ornamental Carpentry Assortment Set #2, "Grandma's House" 1/87 scale. Typical beaded brackets and spandrels, so commonly seen throughout the South, Midwest and West. Also includes small applique pieces for extra detail on porch posts. Like our Set 1, these realistic and eye-catching details outclass the finest injection plastic parts and are simple to use.

This set has all the important basics in an economical package as follows:

80 scale feet of Spandrels which trim the underside of porch roofs and eaves. 0.12" width.

24 Lace Fan Style Post Brackets in left/right side format for porch posts. Brackets measure 0.2" x 0.2"

53 Scale feet of porch railing Balusters, 0.33" height.

Enough material for an average single family home.

$8.75 Free Postage!

Flowers. Laser cut from pre colored paper with fine petal detail. Flowers or wildflowers really add sparkle to a scene. Just about any scene, from urban to country, can be enhanced with a few flowers. Try them and see!

Each packet comes with two sheets in two colors, your choice of red pink or yellow orange. About .05" and .06" diameter. When applied to grass tufts or foam foliage, these make very realistic flowers. 448 flowers per sheet, 896 flowers total.

Note, to remove the flowers from the carrier sheets, simply press them into your mousepad with the rounded tip of a toothpick. They will pop off the sheet and also form a cup shape for more 3 dimensional realism. Apply a dot of white glue to your foliage material and apply the flower. Very easy detail!

YELLOW / ORANGE $5.75 Free Postage!


RED / PINK $5.75 Free Postage!

"Summer Breezes" Screen Doors and Window Fans Set. 1/87. Includes NINE realistic screen doors in three styles and EIGHT window fans in four typical styles. Also includes realistic superfine silver mesh material to make the screens. Easy enhancement that can be applied to completed models.

Summer foliage on your model means summer weather, and that means your little people need screen doors and window fans! Even full-size people will appreciate your attention to these essential warm weather details. Three styles of screen door will fit any application, from plain to fancy. The simple style works well on residential back doors, or commercial front doors, such as a gas station or general store. The medium style is appropriate for any application, and the fancy door will add an eye-catching detail on the porch of a farm house or any suburban home. The large fans can be used on commerical or industrial structures; the small ones can go anywhere your little people need a breeze.

Doors are precisely fitted to the Tichy #8032 4 Panel Door, which is very commonly found in craftsman kits. With very minor trimming to the bottom they will also fit the popular Tichy #8009 4 Lite Door. Many other applications are possible. (Screen door outside dimensions are .34" wide and .92" tall.)

Large fan is precisely fitted to the popular Tichy #8025 2/2 Double Hung Window. (Large Fan outside dimensions are .33" x .33")

Smaller fan is made for general use and includes side panels which can be trimmed to fit. A good application is the transom of Tichy 4 Lite Door with 2 Lite Transom, #8033, which would be very typical for a small store or restaurant front entrance. (Small Fan outside dimensions are .49" x .22")

No instructions are included with this simple kit. The photos show 1/87 scale demonstration models.

$8.50 Free Postage!

EZ Cap Shingles for realistically capping off rootops. These special 3D engraved shingles simulate folded over and overlapped tar/asbestos shingles, and are quick and easy to apply. Simply fold down the score line, and glue on. This solution lets you avoid tedious cutting, folding and gluing dozens of individual shingles, and gives your model a more realistic, finished appearance than using shortcuts such as flat paper strips.

Set includes eight 4.5" lengths in two widths (.25" and .2") for a total of 36" of roof line, or 261 HO scale feet. Will conform to any roof pitch.

Demo photos show EZ Cap Shingles painted with with craft paint and a weathering wash. Score line can be minimized with light sanding before painting, if desired. Fast, easy and realistic! (For more roof treatments, be sure to see the cast iron roof cresting in the Railing and Fences section.)

$11.25 Free Postage!

Door Mats and Industrial Floor Mats. A porch or stoop just isn't complete without the practical and welcoming door mat. This set also includes rubber recycled tire mats. These are often seen around restaurant kitchens, and in garages and machine shops underneath tools like lathes and mills where lubricating oil causes a slip hazard. Set includes four hemp mats and four rubber mats, each suitable for 1920s to today. Realistic textures simulate the 1/1 scale materials. The rubber mats are easily colored by dipping in india ink, while the hemp ones need no coloring at all.

$6.75 Free Postage!

Dog Houses. This kit contains parts to assemble TWO Typical American dog houses, one for a big dog, the other for a medium size. Footprints are .27" x .41" and .51" x .32" They are designed to resemble houses cobbled together from old shipping crates and scrap wood, such as you'd see from your train as you passed by back lots and junkyards. Perfect for any era. Includes instruction sheet with painting tips for simulating weathered wood on cardstock.

$7.50 Free Postage!

Unless you have a Camp Runamok on your layout, you'll need something to keep your little plastic kids busy outdoors while school is out. Try this inexpensive set of three, regulation-sized basketball backboards with hoops. Stick one on a telephone pole or over a garage door, at the edge of a parking lot or in a school yard.
$3.50 Free Postage!

City Fire Escapes. 1/87. Perfect for downtown and trackside settings. Dress up your urban scenery and trackside structures with this essential but often overlooked city feature. Ultra fine detail made from Lazerboard heavy duty cardstock. 1.8" landing width.

"Set A" includes everything you need to build two landings as shown in the photos. A comprehensive, illustrated instruction sheet is included. This is for a three story building.

$13 -- Free Postage!

"Set B" is a single story extention, for adding one additional story to "Set A". 1/87

$7 -- Free Postage!

Ladders. 1/87. Set includes one extra inclined ladder, and two vertical ladders for roof access.

$7 -- Free Postage!

Manhole Cover and Sewer Grating Set, 1/87. 2 each of 3 different style mahole covers, and three gratings. Our most popular detail item. New Yorkers may find these detail parts look familiar; they are replicas of actual NYC street details. Covers measure .46" diameter to .43", gratings are .5". US penny in photo is size reference. Laser cut and relief engraved in durable Laserboard.

$6 Free Postage!

Urban Folding Security Gates, relief cut for 3 dimensional detail. 1/87. Includes one fully closed gate 1.9" wide, plus two fully open gates and one semi open gate. Also includes four padlocks and two combination locks. Extra bars to simulate the top and bottom tracks. 1.5" height, may be trimmed to fit a variety of applications. Cut and engraved in durable Lazerboard.

$11 Free Postage!

Modern Rolling Security Gates. 1/87. Includes two fully closed gates 1.1" x 1.1" plus two housings. Essential modern urban detail, not available anywhere else. May be trimmed to fit a variety of applications, shown half open, fully open or fully shut. Cut in durable Lazerboard.

$7.75 Free Postage!

Skylights. SET OF FOUR. 1/87. Out of Stock Since the Industrial Revolution, skylights such as these have been a highly typical rooftop feature of brick tenements, garages, small factories, warehouses and the like. Add these fine details to your brick structures for a leap ahead in realism and visual interest. This kit consists of easy to use clear resin castings with precisely-fitted laserboard overlays and instructions. The separate overlays permit easier painting, while the special clear resin castings realistically portray glass and allow light to shine through for dramatic night illumination. Two formats, two of each. 1"x.5" and .9" x .6"


"Window Cats." Set of 7 black cat silhouettes for eye catching night detail in structure model windows. Each cat is laser cut in fine detail and has a tab under its feet to glue behind a window. In normal room lighting conditions, it will be invisible. In the dark with interior lighting, your cat will appear framed in the window and give the impression of life inside the building. A fun, inexpensive and easy to use detail.

$6.25 Free Postage!

Steam Radiator. SET OF FOUR, for vintage and modern interiors. This micro kit is amazingly detailed and easy to assemble, thanks to a unique 3D cutting process and a .0425" wood/paper composite material which glues and paints easily. Both sides are detailed. Comprehensive assembly and painting instructions and tips will guide you through this one evening project.

These miniatures are appropriate for a large variety of interior applications such as switch towers, RR stations, shops, garages, offices and homes. For exterior applications, they are perfect as scrap in empty urban lots, junkyards and alleyways.

Dimensions are .55" wide x .39" tall x .09" deep. Radiators are usually placed under windows, so be sure to check the floor to window height in your application. This kit builds FOUR complete steam radiators.

$8.75 Free Postage!

Mailbox. SET OF TWO, for vintage through modern sidewalk scenes. Scaled exactly from an actual mailbox, this model has fine detail and correct proportions. Includes fully illustrated, easy to follow assembly and painting instructions.

$7.75 Free Postage!

Modern Dumpster Kit. 1/87. SET OF THREE. Dumpsters are a common feature of the post-1950s urban landscape, especially the back sides of structures that face the tracks. This highly detailed model includes color decals for two variants, plus comprehensive assembly instructions with illustrations and tips. Lids may be posed open or closed. Parts are precision cut and relief-engraved for exceptional realism. Finished model is .9" wide x .7" tall. For experienced model builders.

$13.75 Free Postage! OUT OF STOCK

Picnic Benches, SET OF FOUR. 1/87. Classic American outdoor furniture, perfect for urban fast food restaurants, suburban back yards, parks and country stores. Detailed scale model with prototypical bracing and bolt hole details. Parts are laser cut from .03" birch plywood for realistic wood grain effect. Kit includes illustrated instructions.

$11.95 Free Postage!

HO scale Hamburgers and Hot Dogs. ONE DOZEN of EACH

So many HO scale fast food joints, diners, hot dog stands and drive-ins, so many hungry little people. So, where's the beef?? Now you can serve up the best hot dogs and hamburgers in the entire HO scale world! This Micro Kit features amazing 3d detail, right down to the correctly shaped hot dog buns and ground beef texture on the hamburger patties.

Includes a comprehensive illustrated instruction sheet with hints and tips. Assembly is straightforward but will require experience handling very small parts. Parts are pre-colored and require little paint. (On the demo models, only the frankfurters were painted, buns were dusted with brown weathering chalk.)

Just like our doughnuts, these awesome miniature edibles never fail to draw people in for a closer look and a smile. Extra hamburger patties are included if you want to show a few on the grill. Note, picnic bench available separately. Paper plate not included. (These might be sold as kits, if there are enough inquiries.)

No American landscape is complete without a hot dog or a hamburger somewhere!

$8.55 Free Postage!

HO scale doughnuts and bagels! What town is complete without a doughnut shop, lunch counter or bakery with a tray full of delicious doughnuts or bagels in the window? Help keep your busy night shift workers alert with these classic American snacks! These amazing 3d engraved baked goods need only a little light or dark brown colored chalk, and they are ready to display in a shop window, in a workman's lunch box, or on a table in your switch tower.

The doughnuts shown on the tray (not included) are simply white-glued on in rows, then dusted with chalk. For ultra 3d detail glue a pair back to back, file the sides smooth and apply chalk. Put these where people can get a really close look because this detail is a real crowd-pleaser.

$4.25 Free Postage!

Steam Age Industrial Gears and Handwheels. 1/87 and up. A generous assortment of over 70 pieces, beautifully rendered and precision cut in many sizes and styles. Laser cut and relief-engraved in .0145" laserboard, they faithfully replicate typical valve handwheels, ornate cast iron gears of the Victorian era, and more. Perfect for adding details to any number of industrial, engine, structure and scenic applications up to the 1970s. These eye-catching pieces will go a long way in enhancing roundhouses, repair shops, scrap heaps, industrial sites, alley ways etc. Scratchbuilders will surely find a set useful to keep on hand. Note there are two sizes available. The large size is scaled up 150% from the same artwork, but otherwise identical.

Small size, gears range from .07" to .3". Sheet measures 2.3" x 2" approximately.

$8.95 Free Postage!

The following three photos show gears from the small set.

Large size, gears range from .13" to .55". Scale is 1/87 and up. Sheet measures 3.5" x 3" approximately.

13.75 Free Postage!

These photos show the large set

1/87 scale Old Car Scrapyard. A generous assortment of well over 100 assorted car parts, patterned from 1950 and earlier vehicles! These incredible, crisp parts will enhance your craftsmanship by adding a unique new level of fine detail. Comes with two separate sheets of parts in two thicknesses. On the .0145" sheet, you get radiators, doors, steering wheels, an engine grille, hood parts, springs, heavy gaskets, stamped floor pan, window hand cranks, and more. On the .01" sheet you get gaskets, new and used belts, radiator fans and tools. They will look perfect piled around your wrecked and rusted cars, or propped up against the wall behind the garage. Scattered around work areas, they will help bring your garage to life. Super fine detail as only VectorCut makes!

$15.95 Free Postage!

1/87 scale Modern Car Junk. Detail sheet packed with over 100 assorted car parts, patterned from 1970 and more recent vehicles! Simple, but highly detailed, this kit will add lots of detail to your garage, chop shop, scrap yard or the weedy right of way on the "wrong side of the tracks." Assembly instructions included, but all the parts can be used in endless ways for scratchbuilding or just a pile of junk. Made from Laserboard, easy to paint and glue.

$14.95 Free Postage!

1/87 scale Horse Shoes and Barn Hinges, generous assortment of over 80 pieces! Includes a variety of 30 crisply detailed horse shoes, correctly scaled for an HO horse, and a selection of four common types of large door hinges. All parts are cut and relief-engraved in fine .01" laserboard. Brown color and fine texture require no painting to simulate weathered iron. Perfect for adding realistic detail to your farm scenes, RR repair shop doors, model barns, blacksmith's shop, etc. Super fine, easy detail!

Photo shows magnified view. Parts sheet is about 1.75" x 1.7". Triangular hinges are about .21" in length. Long heart point hinges, about .47" end to end. L shaped hinge sets about .2" x .2". Rectangluar hinges about .12" x .08".

$6.25 Free Postage!

Builder's Anno Plates. Such plates were made from cast iron, cement or stone and memorialized the date a structure, bridge or tunnel was completed. This classic feature of tunnel portals and railroad bridges is often missing from miniatures, but can be easily added, even to a completed model. Historically authentic designs. Painted to resemble cast iron or stone, they will be attractive details and interesting focal points.

Available in two sizes.

Large Size: approximately .7" to .5" wide.

$8.50 Free Postage!

Small Size: approximately .5" to .35" wide.

$5.25 Free Postage!

Hand Tools, for ultra high resolution detail. Over 90 pieces depicting several types of common garage and shop tools. Give your miniature mechanics something more than the usual spare tire and oil barrel castings to get the job done. No repair shop, gas station, garage or repair scene can be complete without hand tools! Figure in photo show size relative to HO scale. This set will also work for military models in 1/72 scale. (NOTE, a larger size set is available in our O scale category)

Laser cut and relief engraved in .0145" Laserboard. Sheet measures about 1.25" x 1.5"

$7.75 Free Postage!

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